“To My Children”
Zayin Adar Seudah
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Throughout the ages, Jewish communities have established societies to care for the deceased from the time of death until interment.

The Jewish Sacred Society is an organization of men and women who perform this service with dignity and maintain the highest standards of Jewish customs. Our members participate voluntarily in this “Chesed Shel Emes” (genuine kindness).

Functions of this volunteer organization include:

●   Perform a Tahara (ritual washing and dressing) to any Jew who complies with a halachically correct funeral.

●   Provide a Sefer Torah with a portable Aron for the house of mourning.

●   Furnish special Shiva chairs for the mourners to sit on.

●   Available 24 hours a day to guide a family in obtaining the proper funeral, including preventing autopsies.

●   Assist families with special needs who are unable to obtain a proper funeral without delay.

For urgent problems or questions, please call (773) 743-0074 and leave a message with our 24-hour answering service.